~October 3, 2016~

After what seemed like a loooooooooong wait, we are officially DTC and LID! What does this mean? DTC means “Dossier to China,” which means that our paperwork was officially sent to China! LID is our “log-in date,” which means that the Chinese government has acknowledged receipt of our paperwork and has started to process it. Why this is SO important is that it means that we can be matched!

When we get “matched,” it means that we are sent the file of a child to review. We have 24 hours to put the file on hold if we would like to pursue the adoption of this child. We will then have 72 hours to get the medical file reviewed and move forward with the adoption.


So now, we wait. We have been told that the matching process can take 1-3 months, but we’re looking forward to receiving that very exciting phone call. Thanks for waiting with us!





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