After almost 7 months of waiting, we have finally been matched. It was a long, hard few months of waiting, but boy, was it worth it.

Here are the basic details – we received the call on Thursday, April 13th that our agency had a file for us to review. “He’s a young one,” they told us. We were shocked when we looked over the paperwork and saw that he was just 10 months old. It’s rare to see a child from China come home younger than 18 months, and if things go according to plan, we’re hoping to get to him by his first birthday.

We looked over the paperwork and contacted the International Adoption Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The doctor was able to look at the file immediately and we scheduled a call to discuss the findings for the next morning.

We had a great call with the doctor on Friday morning. She sent us some questions to ask of the orphanage director because the medical information in the file was about 4 months old, which we forwarded to our agency. We had until Monday to make a decision, so while our initial reaction was to say, “YES!” we decided to take the weekend to prayerfully consider this child.

The doctor called me just a few hours later…she has a “development” that she wanted to discuss with us. It turned out that the hospital received the file of another child for review that same day. This child was from the same orphanage as our baby, the couple having the file reviewed was using the same adoption agency, the kids were born around the same time, and had a very similar medical condition. The doctor thought that they might be twins.


We didn’t know what this meant. The doctor explained that ethically, twins should be kept together. At the recommendation of our social worker, earlier in the process we had submitted our paperwork to be approved for two children (just in case something like this happened!). But we knew nothing about the other couple – were they also willing to take twins? If so, how was it decided where the kids would go? We knew that we could handle two, but we weren’t sure about the possibility of losing our little one.

After a long, hard weekend – we got a call from the Director of the China Program at our agency that she, as well as the orphanage staff, did not believe that these two kiddos were twins. They were found almost two weeks apart in a city the size of New York City. We were excited to know that we could move forward with our referral.

We submitted our Letter of Intent to adopt this little one to China on Tuesday, April 18th at got our pre-approval from China on Thursday, April 20th. We received our official Letter of Approval from China on Tuesday, April 25th.

We had to sign some additional paperwork and get it back to our agency in order to submit our i800 to the US government. That was submitted on Friday, April 28th. Now we’re waiting for immigration approval while we get everything in order. We’re hoping to receive that approval notice sometime this week.

Thank you for your continued prayers!