The Adoption: Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! I hope that you’re as excited to learn about our adoption journey as we are to share it. What’s even more exciting for us is that we received our USCIS approval today! We’re one step closer to sending all of our paperwork to China!

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received:

Q: Are you adopting a baby? Or another dog?

A: A baby! Well, actually, it could be a baby or a toddler. We are open to a child ages 0-3.

Q: Since you’re adopting from China, you’re going to get a girl, right?

A: We’re open to either a boy or girl, but right now there is a greater need for boys to be adopted from China.

Q: How far along are you in the process?

A: We’ve completed our home study and just today(!) received USCIS (US government) approval. Our documents will be authenticated before being sent to China (commonly known as DTC). We’ll wait for Chinese government approval before receiving a referral (a match).

Q: What happens after you receive a referral?

A: We have a few days to review the file before making a decision. After we accept a referral, we go through some more paperwork before receiving final approval and travel to China to bring our child home. This can take a few months.

Q: When are you going to China?

A: We’re not exactly sure when we’ll be traveling, but we’re thinking early 2017.

Anything else that you’re dying know? Let me know!