I800, Cable Letter, Article 5, and Travel Approval (oh my!)

Since our match, things have actually been moving along pretty quickly. We submitted our I800 form and received approval within a few weeks. Next came the wait for our GUZ number and cable letter, which allowed us to apply for a Visa for our little one. In the midst of waiting, we applied for and received our Visas. These Visas will allow us to travel to China.

We are currently waiting for our Article 5 document to be processed (at this point, my head is spinning and I’m not exactly surw what this is – although I do know that we need this before we get the go-ahead to travel). Our Article 5 pick-up is scheduled for later this week. After our pick-up date, we will officially be waiting for travel approval.

After we receive travel approval (our official invitation from China to enter the country and complete the adoption), we will confirm our consulate appointment and book our travel! Our hope is to travel 1-2 weeks after receiving approval. That means we are about 3-4 weeks out from going to China!!

There is so much to do and so much to think about. We are busy prepping the nursery and making packing lists. We are still waiting for updated measurements for our little one, so we’ve held off on buying clothes for now (though I can’t say that about his grandmothers!)

Thank you again for your continued prayers and support.


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